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How important are pre-employment background checks?

Let us take the burden of proper pre-employment screening off of your HR manager.


Your business is on the line every time you hire a new employee.  Hiring the wrong employee could jeopardize your organization's assets, reputation, and security.  The process of selecting quality employees is increasingly difficult, if not altogether unpredictable.  Asking Human Resource Managers to determining which candidates are qualified, capable, and dependable is becoming a greater challenge. 

Employment Research Solutions, ERS, provides the most comprehensive investigative information possible.  Our record searches help take the guesswork out of the hiring process by providing the facts you need to make informed hiring decisions. 

As our client, you may select one or any combination of background screening requests. This enables both large and small businesses to fulfill their individual research requirements.  ERS offers competitive prices, customized package pricing, volume discounts, and professional service that is friendly, courteous, and second to none.



bullet No sign up fees.
bullet No monthly service fee.
bullet No minimum number of applicants.
bullet No hidden fees...pay only for the applicants screened.
bullet Complete source for pre-employment screening services with a nationwide network of experienced field investigators.
bullet Fast, prompt turn-around time (typically 2 to 3 business days).
bullet Internet access offers convenience and ease of use 24 hours, 7 days a week.
bullet Personalized service that is second to none.
bullet Demonstrates due diligence and helps limit potential legal liability.
bullet Efficient...company personnel can meet peak hiring demands without additional staff or stress.  Allows company personnel to concentrate on what they do best.
bullet Cost effective...get the specialized knowledge and resources required for pre-employment background checks only when you need it.
bullet Affordable...the most comprehensive information available at competitive prices.
bullet Customized packages, special pricing, and volume discounts available.

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